Managing partner of LEGRANT Tetiana Titarenko acted as an expert at the "River Forum 2021: cargo, carriers, terminals"

March 25, 2021 · News

Tatiana Titarenko traditionally took part in River Forum together with 70 other representatives of companies-participants among which also were LEGRANT’s clients –leading shipowners, marine agents, stevedores, forwarders.

The forum was composed of discussion panels and was aimed at networking of participants.

Tatiana Titarenko acted as the speaker of the first discussion panel on the Law on Inland Water Transport and further legislative initiatives in the inland waterway transport market.

During the discussion panel, favorable innovations and dubious norms of the Law were discussed, the main concerns and risks for business were voiced, in particular, regarding sources of financing of inland waterways, requirements / restrictions on inland waterway activities, probable investment prospects.

During this panel, Tatiana Titarenko commented on the installation of mooring barrels and anchorages on the river. Thus, the newly adopted Law abolished the requirement to allocate land plots of water fund for such GTS. This provision will significantly simplify for business the process of installing such GTS in comparison with seaports.

Also there was a discussion on additional requirements for conducting activities on the rivers.

The Law actually establishes a number of criteria that river terminals must meet, and the ability to operate in the port appears only upon receipt of an extract from the Register of inland waterway infrastructure, which is granted the status of a permit. The expediency of introducing such an innovation raises some concerns among business representatives, especially in terms of corruption risks.

The main challenges of the Law are set out in Tatiana Titarenko's analysis for the Port of Ukraine.

During this event we managed to communicate with representatives of the inland water transport market, assess the situation on the market as a whole.

LEGRANT is always glad to participate in events such as the River Forum, as it is a priority for LEGRANT to communicate directly with representatives of the maritime and river transport market, government, exchange experiences with colleagues and partners and establish new business relationships to promote the industry.