Support of international freight forwarding agreements

October 12, 2021 · News

LEGRANT has completed the work related to the comprehensive support of the conclusion of an addendum to the international freight forwarding agreement. The counterparty is a resident of the Republic of Belarus. According to the provisions of the main agreement, it is provided that the law of Belarus applies to all relations between the parties to the agreement.

Within the work with the document, the LEGRANT team analyzed changes of legislation and the addendum and identified potential risks for the Client. An interesting feature of this agreement was that in the summer of 2021 the legislation of the Republic of Belarus has changed significantly with respect to financial monitoring. Among the innovations is that now residents have to register currency contracts with non-residents and provide the amount of monetary obligations.

As a result of the analysis of all aspects of the contract, the lawyers have developed the provisions of the addendum, which comply with the new legislation of the Republic of Belarus, but at the same time do not bear any risks to the interests of the Client.

The LEGRANT team led by lawyers Tatiana Marchenko and Anastasia Popravko worked on the project.