The court granted the application of LEGRANT about securing the claim before filing, suspending the prescription of the State Ecological Inspection

April 1, 2019 · News

Based on the results of planned inspection, that was held with a series of violations, the State Ecological Inspection issued the order in relation to one of the stevedores, specializing on transshipment of oil at the ports of Odessa region.
The majority of requirements assumed its immediate performance and, thus, stoppage of stevedore activity of the company. Since the performance of such unlawful requirements could have made it much more difficult to defend the position in the court, moreover the additional evidences should have been collected before filing the claim, Legrant, on behalf of the client, applied to the administrative court with the application on claim’s procuring in the form of suspension of the order’s effect.
Having considered the application the court found it to be reasonable and therefore suspended the effect of the order.