(Non) final Certificate of quality

April 2, 2019 · Publications

There are always exists risks that can lead to loss of grain’s quality during the dispatching on ship and subsequent transportation. Because of weather conditions or non-compliance with the conditions of transportation, the grain may get wet, heat, become infected with bugs or get other damages. Although the delivery basis determines the time of passing of risk, the Parties often additionally include in the Contract a condition that the Certificate of quality is a final. Ex facto, this condition does not cause any questions. However, in the event of dispute, the finalism of the Certificate may have unexpected consequences.

Danil Hristich, the Senior Lawyer of LEGRANT and Sergey Platonov , the Lawyer of LEGRANT published the article in which using the example of English judicial precedents, was described what the final Certificate of quality means, and whether the Certificate is always the final one.

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