Large-scale conference within the support of the european union's project «law-justice» was held on the basis of the south-west economic court of appeal

October 26, 2018 · News

On 24-25-th of October, a large-scale international conference was held on the topic: “The current condition of implementation of court decisions. The results of the reform of the enforcement proceedings” in which Marchenko Tatyana, the lawyer of the Legrant Law Company, participated. The conference was held within the participation of experts, judges, representatives of the attorney’s community, as well as representatives of leading regional law firms.

The EU «Law-Justice» project in cooperation with the South-West Economic Court of Appeal, the Ministry of Justice, relevant institutions and local experts initiated the creation of the Council to strengthen the systemic work in the implementation of justice reforms in the regions and realization of the reform "from the bottom to top".