LEGRANT recovered about 6 million UAH in favor of the world's largest container transport agent

April 11, 2019 · News

LEGRANT has settled a dispute on the illegal collection of canal due for vessels’ calling to Quarantine, Kabotage, New and Lanzheron harbors of the Odessa seaport.

LEGRANT defended the interests of the Client-agent of Maersk Ukraine, and charged more than 6 million UAH in his favor.

“Since USPA started the canal due collection, we pointed on the groundlessness of its charging, and tried to resolve the situation through negotiations. Despite the abolishment of the due collection after a year, the amounts paid by the carrier were not returned voluntarily. As a result, the Principals made a decision to apply to the court for the return of the funds, that was achieved with the help of the lawyers”, -Roman Koloyanov, Director General of Maersk Ukraine notes.

"This is a conflict of worldviews and approaches. This situation is a marker of the fact that the USPA, following the "good" intentions to replenish the state treasury, continues to level the legal rights and interests of business entities in the port, setting their own rules of "survival" for them, which is unacceptable, " Tatyana Titarenko, LEGRANT managing partner, commented.

Previously Legrant proved the unlawfulness of the USPA’s actions on charging the canal due for the vessels calling to Lanzheronovskaya, Quarantinne, New and Cabotage Harbours of the Odessa Sea Port.