LEGRANT protected the interests of the client in a dispute with the State Emergency Service related to the violation of fire safety

October 26, 2020 · News

The State Emergency Situations Service declared non- violation of fire safety rules and closed the case against the client.

During an unscheduled inspection, officials identified violations of fire safety rules by the client. According to the inspectors' assessment, further operation of the facility created the risk of an accident or fire, poses a threat to the life and health of people. The authority filed a lawsuit to shut down the enterprise completely by disconnecting from power supplies and restricting access to them.

Legrant's lawyers proved that there were no violations on the territory of the enterprise, and asked the supervisory authority for a follow-up audit, during which the absence of violations of fire safety standards was confirmed.

As a result, the case was closed on the initiative of the State Emergency Service.

The relevant case was handled by Legrant's senior lawyer Natalya Makovetskaya under general supervision of the managing partner Tatyana Titarenko.