Legrant presented a new brand positioning and identity

December 26, 2018 · News

Law firm Legrant presented new brand identity and corporate website. The company's move to a qualitatively higher level of expertise in the areas of maritime law and international trade became possible due to the established legal precedents and specialized services of the firm in the southern region of Ukraine. The necessity for transformation was caused by the evaluation of inner company’s resources along with several external factors:

1. Changes in the Ukrainian economy have accelerated the development of maritime transport and international trade

The gradual but stable growth of the marine and container transport market provoked a qualitative reorientation and increase of Ukrainian exports volumes, as well as expansion of its geography. The company’s lawyers noted that the annual growth of the sector by 3.5 - 6% leads to corresponding changes in the sea transportation market:

  • increase in the number of market operators;
  • variety of counterparties geography and applicable foreign law;
  • strengthening industry business associations that are ready and able to direct the market development vector;
  • variety of applicable arbitration institutions for disputes resolution and executing arbitration awards;
  • complication of regulation and increasing administrative disputes with regulators.

Over the past 3 years, Legrant’s lawyers have achieved the adoption of important decisions for market operators: in 2016 they confirmed the right for 30% discount when paying special services for port operator access to the berth in case of operation of grain-harvesting machines with the capacity of more than 500 tons per hour; in 2017 - cancellation of the channel fee, which was unduly charged from vessels that carried out activities in some harbors of the Odessa Commercial Sea Port; in 2018 - a number of successful precedent cases of unlawful seizure of ships and goods in ports, as well as legal support of important bills for the industry.

2. The client's request has shaped the positioning and emphasis in the Legrant team

Along with specialization and experience in maritime law that Legrant has been offering for several years in a row, at least three additional factors become important now:

  • lawyers’ presence and geographical proximity to the area where clients operate;
  • constant dialogue with the regulator, on the local level as well, in order to predict and respond as quickly as possible to the applied changes in the regulatory field;
  • international experience of experts in the field of maritime law, international arbitration, dispute resolution.

3. Legrant has transformed the brand positioning

The synergy of external factors has led to intellectual transformation of the Legrant’s brand, not just the modification of logo. The basis for the new positioning was built on a deep industry expertise and geographic focus.

The updated and simplified Legrant’s brand is oriented on providing intellectual, modern and expert legal services that are relevant to niche clients: leading exporters and importers, stevedoring companies, port infrastructure operators, international law firms, whose clients' interests include business projects in Ukraine.

‘Life does not stand still. Its pace in modern realities only increases, changing everything around. Legrant is no exception and ready to meet challenges of the external factors. The professional achievements of our lawyers also require correspondent image that reflects the renewed corporate branding. The company’s name has also faced minor changes: former LeGran.TT has transformed into Legrant. At the same time, we remain faithful to our credo and strongly believe that there are no lose-lose situations’, – Tatyana Titarenko, Managing Partner, commented the new brand positioning and identity.


Legrant is a leading law firm in the Southern Ukraine with an expertise in international trade, maritime law, ports, dispute resolution, business asset protection, tax. Legrant is a reliable business partner, which is confirmed by stable cooperation with international law firms, large Ukrainian and international companies, recognition of professional ratings:

  • in the top 5 maritime law firms (Who's Who. Ukrainian Law Firms 2018)
  • in the top 3 regional law firms in Ukraine (Who's Who. Ukrainian Law Firms 2018)
  • among the finalists in 2 nominations "Breakthrough of the Year" and "The Best Regional Law Firm in Ukraine"(Legal Awards 2018, "Yuridicheskaya Praktika")