Legrant has achieved the cancellation of tax assessment notices for a total amount of 2,317,449.00 UAH.

March 11, 2021 · News

The State Tax Service carried out a documentary unscheduled inspection of the Legrant’s Client, which resulted in a tax assessment notices on the violation by the company of the norms in the field of forming a tax credit in the total amount of UAH 2,317,449.00.

In order to protect the rights of the client, Legrant apply to the court.

Legrant's lawyers have prepared a defence position for representation in court. A set of primary and other documents was provided to the case materials, which, in the conditions of ordinary business practice, accompany and confirm the actual performance of business transactions between the Legrant’s client and his counterparties, in particular: contracts, invoices, payment orders, acts of work performed and others.

The court reviewed the submitted documents and agreed with the arguments of the lawyers, confirming that the submitted documents in aggregate do not give rise to doubts about the reality of the enterprise's business operations and indicate that the Legrant’s client has the right to generate the declared tax benefits in the specified period.

The case was supported by Legrant's senior lawyer Natalya Makovetskaya under the general supervision of managing partner Tatyana Titarenko.