The ASPU voluntarily executed a court decision on collection of more than 140 thousand US dollars in favor of the Legrant's client

January 18, 2018 · News

SE "Administration of Sea Ports of Ukraine" voluntarily executed a court decision on the collection of more than 140 thousand US dollars in favor of Legrant's client

In December, the Court of Appeal of the Odessa region ordered USPA to return Legrant's client, a Ukrainian agent of one of the world's largest linear operators, more than $ 140,000 US. Previously, these funds were paid to the USPA in the form of a canal fee for vessel calls to Lanzheronovskaya and Karantinnaya harbors of the Odessa sea port. In particular, the court confirmed that the levying of the canal dues for the corresponding calls had been received and admitted that the State Administration of Ukraine Administration charged these funds to the company illegally and was obliged to return it.

“The return of illegally paid funds is the next stage of the previously sensational case of the illegal levying of canal dues for vessel calls to the individual harbors of the port of Odessa. Satisfaction of the claims of Legrants clients in full and the obligation of the USPA to return the illegally withdrawn funds is the final point in this dispute, ”said Danil Hristich, senior lawyer of Legrant.

The case was supported by senior lawyer of Legrant Danil Hristich and lawyer Tatyana Marchenko under the supervision of managing partner Tatyana Titarenko.

Earlier, the USPA fulfilling court decisions, canceled the collection of canal fees for a vessel call to the 4th harbor of the port of Odessa, which was declared illegal, due to the legal team of Legrant.